Used Car Parts

When your car needs a part, you have a few options. You can purchase a new part from an auto parts store, if it’s a relatively common part. If you need something that’s unique to your vehicle, you may need to get the part from a dealer or the manufacturer, which will inevitably cost much more money. A better way to get cheap car parts is to visit a salvage lot. When a car is totaled in an accident, it may not be worth driving anymore, but there are hundreds of perfectly good parts that can be reused in other cars.

Salvage lots gather these cars and make their money by selling the used car parts to people who need them, and selling the rest of the unusable metal as scrap. Popular parts are sometimes taken off the cars and put into a storefront at the lot. Other times a customer will call and request a part, and the lot will send an employee out to collect it from the car. In some cases, customers are given access to the vehicles and tools and will find the car they need and remove the part themselves. Doing business this way allows the lot to sell parts for even less. If you didn’t live near a salvage lot, it used to mean you were out of luck. You’d have to go through one of the more expensive channels in order to get your replacement part. However, the internet has made it easy for people to get what they need from any number of junk yards across the country. Many of them have joined together into large networks, and set up web sites where you can search for inventory from all of them at the same time. If you find what you’re looking for, you can place your order and the salvage yard staff will go get your part and have it shipped to you. Even with the price of shipping, this is most often much cheaper than getting a new part from a dealer.

This is good news for people who wanted to save time and money, but didn’t have easy access to a salvage lot and the cheap parts they sell. It’s also good news for the operators of salvage lots, who now have access to hundreds of thousands of customers that are searching for an easy way to get a cheap used part for their car.

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